About Us

Kitise Rural Development is a Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Makueni County. The organization was started by community members in 2005 to address the problem of water scarcity. Later, its mandate expanded to cover other key sectors in development e.g. health and livelihoods. It is currently composed of over 60 self-help groups.

Our Ethos


To be an effective organization that is accessing and utilizing resources and opportunities for the empowerment and development of the community.


To enhance the capacity of the community to organize and manage itself and develop a culture which enables members to take control of their own development and achieve self-reliance.

Areas of Intervention

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Livelihoods
  • Health
  • Cross cutting issues (Environmental care, Gender, Lobby and Advocacy etc).

Our Partners

  • National Government of Kenya
  • Makueni County Government
  • Dorcas Aid - Kenya
  • Lutheran World Relief (LWR)
  • Christian Aid

Core Values

Our core values are Transparency, Honesty, Hard work, Professionalism and Commitment.

Past Projects

Project Title


Key Partner(s)

1.      Water and Sanitation Project 2007 – 2012 Dorcas Aid
2.      Kitise Housing Project 2008 – 2012 Dorcas Aid
3.      Kitise HIV&AIDS Project 2008 – 2015 Dorcas Aid
4.      Total War Against AIDS (TOWA) 2011 - 2012 GoK/ National Aids Control Council (NACC)
5.      Agriculture and Food Security Project 2013 – 2015 Dorcas Aid
6.      Kitise OVC Care and Support Project 2014 - 2017 USAID/ APHIA+Kamili
7.      Kathonzweni Integrated Community Development Program 2016 -  2018 Dorcas Aid

Our Projects

KRDP has, in the course of its existence, implemented several projects through the local community in partnership with our most notable key partner, DorcasAid Kenya, and with other partners including APHIA +, AMREF and several other partner organizations and stakeholders. These include KRDP HIV/AIDS Project, KRDP Housing Project, KRDP Agricultural Food Security Project, KRDP WASH Project,

Kitise WASH Project

WASH Project: Improving livelihoods by increasing accessibility to water in the community

Kitise Housing Project

Providing improved community housing for improved livelihoods.

Kitise HIV/AIDS Community Project

This project focussed on creating awareness and information around HIV/AIDs and SRH issues.

Kitise Agriculture and Food Security Project

Increasing food production in the community through farmer training, improved agricultural practices and cultivation of DTFCs.